Planning Timeline

11 Months Out – March – April
Small Group material written for editing and layout

10 Months Out – April – May 
Book band & speaker
Set dates to record small group intro videos

9 Months Out – May – June
Deposits paid to band and speaker
Small group intro videos filmed and submitted to editor

8 Months Out – June – July
Ideas for mission project and recreation
Book band and speaker (pay deposits)
Purchase S.G. material and send to churches
Begin S.G. leader search

6 Months Out – August – September
Start promos

4 Months Out – October – November
Look for host homes – start with previous year host homes
Solidify S.G. leaders and contact them (make sure they have material)
Line up can food pickup and transport on the Saturday

3 Months Out – November – December
Begin to recruit teams – Food, Setup, Transportation, Cleanup, Missions, Recreation

1 Month Out – January
S.G. Leader training/meeting

Church-wide promos, recruitment videos
Order shirts and arm bands
Parent meeting, send info
Start prayer chain and promo
Notify teams of Team Meeting in 2 weeks

3 Weeks Out – Mid-January
Contact host homes – give them schedule
Solidify teams – remind about meeting next week

2 Weeks Out – End of January
Close public registration
Follow-up with parents
Info sent out – email
ALL TEAM MEETING – S.G. Leaders, Host Homes, Food, Transportation, Setup, Cleanup, Recreation, and Missions

1 Week Out – February
Turn in final numbers
Gather supplies and lists
Follow-up with teams from meeting

2 Weeks After – Late-February
Follow-up meeting with all Youth Leaders
Send thank you cards to helpers
Revise timeline and to-do’s for next year based on evaluation and feedback